Fire logs

A safer way to enjoy the ambiance of a camp fire without the hassle!

Simply place the log in a safe place and place your fire starter/shavings, etc. in the hole at the top of the log to start the fire. It will take a bit of time to get high heat from the log.

Foods such as marshmallows and hotdogs can be cooked with roasting sticks above the flame or food can be cooked in a cast iron pan set on the top of the log. Pans should not be placed directly on top of the hole at the top. A grill such as from a barbecue can be placed on the top of the log to allow for ventilation and increased temperature control.

Most logs will burn for a few hours. Approximate size is 10" across and 20" tall. Size may vary as these are natural logs. Each fire log is made from ash wood which gives it a longer burning time than more common logs that are from pine/spruce. Each log comes with a rope handle for easier transportation.


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The log can be started with fire starter, wood shavings, paper shreds, etc. Leave the venting hole at the bottom of the log unobstructed at all times. Once the log has burned close to the edge it can be extinguished or put on its side to finish burning to prevent the log from falling ver once it has burned through the edge of the log.

*Disclaimer: Be sure to set the log in a safe place away from flammable objects. It is recommended to use in a fire pit, fire ring, etc. not on a flammable surface. Only for use outdoors. Never leave unattended. Do not use any type of fuel to start a fire.